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Natural Chewing Gum

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 You will love this "clean" gum. Nothing artificial - no aspartame or synthetic plastics.

Awaken (Caffeine)

Awaken gum, made with peppermint and matcha, contains 180mg of caffeine in each pack, which is the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. It's a perfect gum for chewing throughout the day, whenever you need a little boost.


Our Boost flavor features Lemongrass, Turmeric, and Cayenne for a delicious burst of flavor.


Cinnamon chewing gum is perfect for chewers who love a little spice! 


A tangy citrus with a hint of spice, the Cleanse features grapefruit, prickly pear, cayenne, and sea salt, in a refreshingly unique combination.


With all of the flavor and barely any of the caffeine, Coffee gum is the perfect choice for coffee lovers.


Known for its palate-cleansing properties, Fennel freshens breath, while offering a hint of sweetness.


Delicious Ginger gum contains all of the zest of fresh ginger with none of the synthetic plastic, flavors, or colors found in most conventional gum. 


Rich, sweet, and smooth, Maple gum tastes just like maple syrup.


Refreshing and subtly sweet, Peppermint chewing gum is simply delicious. It's an on-the-go essential, perfect to grab before a meeting, after lunch, or whenever you need a little kick.


Refreshing and subtly sweet, natural Spearmint chewing gum is simply delicious.  Each pack of gum is made in New York with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.