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Carolee’s is my dream come true. It’s been a part of me for a really long time, so to see it come to fruition is pretty amazing and sometimes still surreal. The “getting here” has been a journey, filled with many twists and turns, the encouragement and support of my family and dear friends, and ultimately a huge leap of faith. I feel blessed beyond measure to have it, and it’s my daily prayer that God will use me and Carolee’s for His glory and His honor. 

The vision I’m striving to fulfill is that of a shop that you love to visit, not only because you know it offers the best selection of gifts, on-trend apparel and seasonal décor, but because you just enjoy being there. It’s a place that feels happy, warm and welcoming… where dropping in can be a bright spot in your day, where you might run into a friend or neighbor, where you could find encouragement if you needed it. It’s your “go to” place for the perfect gift, no matter the occasion, and for something new and cute to wear.
A shop where the owner and “shop girls” know you and your taste. A shop you can call to talk about a gift you need, decide on the right thing over the phone, then stop in to pick it up after it has been monogrammed and wrapped for you, surpassing your expectations. A shop that shares my faith through items we offer, but more-so through its "vibe" and atmosphere.

It’s difficult to transcend, or even just extend an in-store shopping experience to a website. I hope knowing more about why Carolee’s is here will help to do that. Enjoy shopping with us and please let me know if there’s something I can do to make the on-line experience better or easier. If you need help with a purchase, we are just a phone call or email away and would sincerely love to be of help.  

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn about my why!